….I accidentally reblogged one of those posts to my main blog instead of the side blog, then deleted the original post instead of the reblog. 


I guess the reblog is staying.


QR codes for my Vesperia Miis!

Rita is a dude and Duke is a girl because I ship some things.

Xillia 2 QR codes!

No idea how Laru’s name will be localized, or what the fandom consensus even is, so (she’s such a minor character that I made up a personality for her anyway)…some of the middle names are missing because I didn’t think too hard about it.

If there are other characters people are interested in them, I don’t mind making them and putting them up, but they’ll probably be lvl1 because I won’t really be playing with them.

More Xillia QR codes. Here’s the Chimeriad! Xillia 2 will be a separate post because spoilers.

QR codes for Xillia Miis!

Elise is a boy, fyi. (it’s a long story) also Gaius wasn’t given a nickname (my gf made him and sent him to my game) so I couldn’t change it, I made his first name Gaius instead.

ryujugogin asked: I was wondering if I could get those QR codes for the Xillia and Vesperia characters. I've been looking around for them.

sure thing, I’m going to throw them up in some posts so they’ll be rebloggable!

1 day ago on July 30, 2014 at 09:00pm

fatedlion asked: Ahh I just LOVE your art and was having a little wander through your dA looking for CLC art and I might have squealed a little seeing you have a tumblr! Sorry totally random message but just wanted to fangirl a little :3

hey, no problem! I haven’t really been active in KH fandom for a while, but I’ve been meaning to do a replay of the series and maybe that will inspire me again…

it’s been basically forever since I traditionally inked anything.

textless shirt version of this

I had to do the thing

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