I was sorting through old cosplay photos and I found this


if this image doesn’t sum up Day 3 of cons perfectly then I dunno what does.

I generally don’t like posting wips but HOLY SHIT, the lineart and base colors alone took me for-fucking-ever. So I’m posting this.

There is a reason I like drawing Xillia 2 Gaius more, rofl.

MORE PACIFIC RIM AU because…of reasons.

Nova and Vel get to be pilots bc more ladies and a lot of in-game fighters became civilians, so why not let some noncombatant NPCs be badass.

Leia has a giant celebrity admiration crush on Milla as usual and becomes an apprentice Jaeger mechanic bc of it. Ivar and Agria are those teenagers that hang out together bc they’re both terrible at making friends and sort of bond over being Jaeger nerds but they just end up arguing about who’s the cooler pilot.

I don’t think this will end up with any specific pairings aside from Gaius and Wingul, who everyone knows are banging even though they think they’re being discreet.

Julius and Vel have both lost their glasses bc I assume pilots would just get laser surgery, since fiddling with contacts before an oncoming attack is just impractical.

First off, I want to apologize for this reply taking forever, I got busy all of a sudden. Without further ado!

If it’s your first time sewing, you’ve got two options: invest in a sewing machine and learn how to use it, or handsew. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but you’re better off trawling Youtube for sewing tutorials for either, and practice a little before you start on your costume. Make something simple, like a coin purse or a pillow.  That, or try searching for sewing classes in your area. I find that hands-on instruction is the best, though everyone learns differently. Regardless! I’m going to break down the outfit a bit.

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re: the person who sent me an ask bc for some reason I can’t seem to send one back…I am working on a reply, things got busy for me suddenly. Hopefully I will have it up tonight!

did some tag cleanup. Text posts are now tagged with “enzel makes text posts” and memes with “enzel does memes”. Should I be worried I keep referring to myself in the third person in tags, hm…

I am busy with school stuff rn but I’d just like to say:

Happy slightly early April Fools, everyone. Don’t be an asshole. 

and random stuff I’ve built on said server.

things go down on my friend’s FTB Unleashed server.

Milla Kresnik and Muzet.